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Meat Lover

58$ per person, minimum for two,
Available Monday to Thursday

Course 1

Octopus Carpaccio

Green oil, Wakami, Ponzu Yuzu Dressing


Muni Crab Dumpling

Homemade dumpling with special house dressing


X.O Tuna

Thin-cut bluefin tuna, X.O sauce, mixed herbs


Course 2

Crispy Temaki Tuna

Bluefin tuna, cucumber, spicy sauce, 4pcs


Sashimi 6pc

Chef's choice fresh fish


Course 3

Grilled meat plater

Baby Chicken

Thai spice infusion


Pork Ribs

Sweet chilli sauce


Beef Short Rib

Apple wafu, yakiniku sauce


Bone Marrow

served with baguette



Velvet Torch Brulée

Whipping cream, egg yolks


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