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Seafood Sonata

55$ per person, minimum for two, Available Monday to Thursday

Course 1

Crab Tartare

Crab meat, shiso jelly, orange tobiko, plum dressing, tapioca cracker


House cold smoked salmon

House cold smoked salmon, spicy lemon dressing


JP Wagyu Aburi

A5 JP wagyu, truffle sauce, onion


Course 2

Sashimi 6pc

Chef's choice fresh fish


Crispy Temaki Tuna

Bluefin tuna, cucumber, spicy sauce, 4pcs


Course 3

Grilled seafood plater

Yuzu Miso Black Cod Tail

Black cod with yuzu miso sauce


Giant Shrimps

Giant shrimps, lemon sauce



Thai sauce


Sake Clams

Live BC clams, sake, cilantro



Zen Harmony Cheese Cake

Matcha whipping cream, cheese, white chocolate milk


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